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Welcome to SkyStone Creative


Thank you for visiting my new website.  SkyStone Creative came into being through my love of beautiful stones and my interest in American Indian jewelry, particularly my fascination with Zuni animal carvings called "fetishes." Other important influences have been my growing interest in Tibetan Buddhism, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and spiritual beading.  But it was Zuni fetishes that really started me on the path of exploring sacred objects carved from stones such as turquoise. It was in learning about Zuni fetishes that I first heard turquoise called "sky stone" - both for its color and also for its connection to water, life and spirit.  Found the world over, many cultures consider turquoise to be a sacred stone.

​ I love the idea of stones or beads, such as meditation beads or prayer beads, being the catalyst or bridge between the physical and the spiritual.  This website is a reflection of my growing interest in the metaphysical aspects of decorative arts.  It's a work in progress and will be fleshed out more fully as time goes on; so please come back soon, as I will be adding new items regularly.

Namaste, Marilee​

Custom Lovingingkindness Mala by Marilee with Antler Bear (not signed, but style is similar to the Sice family's) and Santo Domingo turquoise & olive shell heishe beads.

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