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Malas & Other Designs by Marilee

Meditation Beads

I make a variety of styles of malas including tradtional malas using traditional materilas such as sandalwood, tulsi, radushka and gemstones such as mother of pearl, crystal, tiger eye, lapis, rose quartz, etc. 

Sacred Jewelry

I have my own design of beads for doing Lovingkindness meditation.  These beads can be bracelets or full-length malas and can be made in a wide variety of materials. This strand was created especially for someone going through chemotherapy for breast cancer and includes an antler medicine bear.

Custom Designs

Want to make something special for yourself or a loved one?  No problem - collaborating with clients is one of my favorite ways to design!  I have a wide variety of beads in different price ranges and gorgeous one-of-a-kind focal beads and amulets to choose from. This turquoise and amazonite necklace was co-designed by  the giftee and myself.

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